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Tudor Primary School

Wednesday 21st March 2018

Minutes from the School Council Wednesday 21st March 2018


Those present:

School Council Members, Mrs Cooling, Ms Daine



Agenda – School Council discussed the following:


  • Tudor Primary School will be joining together with children and families to help fundraise for our chosen charity.
  • Each class has been allocated a day to carry out their fundraise events as follows


Time tables:


Year 4



Year 2



Year 6



Year 5



Year 3



Year 1




  • School councillors please do encourage all your peers and parents to come and visit us during the events and help raise money.
  • A few classes will be selling their art work and models.
  • Children can also bring in money if they would like to buy something and do inform their teachers.
  • This fundraise event is part of our PHSE and SMSC pledges at Tudor to show we care for our community.


Thank you

  • Thank you to all our school council members for supporting Tudor. The member of the council show great dedication and support each other very well.
  • The members of the council showed good practice on behaviour when visiting the City Hall; all the children participated in the activities too.
  • The school council have also showed us impressive videos about how British Values are implemented at Tudor, thank you to all the children that talked about the individual values and your knowledge on the topic, these videos are now on the school website.
  • Thank you to the members for getting involved for World Book Day and encouraging the school to dress up too.


Up Coming Events

  • Half Term Homework – the school council members have been asked to take part in half term homework, they are to hand this on Monday 16th April to Mrs Cooling.
  1. School council members to read at least one book during the Easter holidays – the children are expected to write, type or record a short review: the review must state the following –
    1. Summary of the story 
    2. Who is you favourite character and why 
    3. What do you think the moral of the story is?
    4. Would you recommend the book to other children and why
  2. The school council are to think of ideas they would like to see at the summer fair, school council were asked to write a list of what they would like to see at the School Summer Fair, (their ideas must be suitable to younger children and parents);
    1. Any games
    2. Parental and young children involvement 
    3. Stalls


Next Meeting

The next school council meeting will be on Friday 20th April 2018.