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Tudor Primary School

Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Minutes from the School Council Wednesday 23rd May 2018


Those present:

School Council Members, Mrs Cooling & Mrs Hayer Deputy Head



Agenda – School Council discussed the following:

Summer Fair:

  • Summer fair will be held on Thursday 5th July at 1.30pm.
  • TPS staff and children will be preparing for the summer fair after half term.
  • School council members were given a piece of homework to take home and discuss with their parents and families on what games and stalls they would like to see at the fair.
  • Ideas must be bought in by 4th June 2018
  • Once the school council members have handed in their ideas, these will then be discusses with the senior leadership team.

Half Term Homework:

  • Well done to all the members form the school council for working ever so hard this year.
  • You all have been great role models and already have achieved so many goals
  • Over the half term school council members will be given some work to do.
  • We would like the members to write a paragraph explaining what they have enjoyed the most and why while they have been a member of the council.
  • We would also like our current members to write a shirt paragraph about what advice you would give to the next year members and why they should be part of the school council.
  • Please ensure half term homework is handed in on 4th June 2018.
  • We will also be holding a treat for our school council team for all their efforts dates will need to be confirmed.

Next Meeting

  • Friday 22nd June