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Year 6 Football

The Football Tournament

Today (Thursday 17th November)was the best day ever! The night before the tournament, I felt very frightened because I knew that we were going to have to face loads of hard teams. Once I got there I felt even more nervous and worried; what was I going to do? However, standing on the emerald-green grass felt amazing and literally you would’ve felt the feeling of amazement that it gave me. First of all, we were up against one of the toughest schools in the league so I could sense that some of my team mates were a bit panicked but guess how it turned out to be? We only lost 1-0 so that wasn’t that much of a defeat after all! That had caused my spirits to rise up. Unfortunately, we lost the next game 2-0, however, that didn’t seem to dampen my feelings! It only made me want to try even harder. The next set of results went like this:



3-0(in that game I had scored a hat trick so I kind of felt proud of myself and it made me feel a whole lotbetter!)


Throughout the day my team and I progressed magnificently; we all learned from our mistakes and we learned to never give up!

By Sabbir Hossain, Year 6