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Year 6 Rugby

Year 6 Rugby 

The tag rugby tournament on Thursday 20th October was a blast!  Once my teammates and I had arrived there, we couldn’t believe our eyes.   We were about to play on a gigantic field with hundreds of people.  Then we started to warm up for our first game moreover we were told what our pitch number was.  In our first game we drew 1-1 (because I scored).  As the games went on we got better and better.  Finally, we had completed all the rounds and waited to see if we had made it through to the finals.  As we were packing up we met four men and eventually when we realised who they were, we were all in elation.    They were rugby stars from Ealing Trailfinders RFC!  My teammates and I played a bit with them and they gave us some great tips.  Once we were finished, all the schools were sitting down anxiously waiting for the results.  Surprisingly we had won the Passion award for the best teamwork but unfortunately we didn’t go through to the quarter-finals.  Lastly we had a team photo with the award. 

By Simar Sahota, Year 6