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Tudor Primary School


PE and Sports Premium 2015-2016


PE funding used for: Footy fun 4 kids – Sports lessons taught by external PE teacher two days a week.

Cost: £4,375.00

Intended Outcome:  Pupils to receive outstanding PE teaching lessons.   Furthermore class teachers to observe external PE teacher as part of their professional development to improve their own PE teaching and ensure that good practice in PE teaching is embedded throughout the school.

Impact: Children are making good progress in PE and the quality of PE teaching has improved.


PE funding used for: Footy fun 4 kids – After school clubs

Cost:  £320.00

Intended Outcome:  Children will have the opportunity to develop their skills in a wide range of activities. 

Impact: An increase in the number of children undertaking physical activity outside of curriculum time.  KS1 children have been able to develop their key skills through the multi skills club.  While after school rugby and football clubs have led to teams being more competitive at borough competitions.


PE funding used for: Purchase of outdoor gym equipment

Cost: £2,186.30

Intended Outcome: Children to become more active during break times and develop a positive attitude towards adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Impact: Children have become more active at break times and now value the importance of exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle.


PE funding used for: Purchasing a range of PE and sports equipment.

Cost:  Approx. £200

Intended Outcome: To provide children with a greater range of PE equipment to develop their skills across the PE curriculum.

Impact: Purchasing the equipment has enabled children to benefit from using the equipment to improve their skills.  It has also allowed a broad PE curriculum to be taught.

2014 – 2015

Our school has  been given £9241 by the  Government to improve the provision of PE.   

To implement the new PE curriculum-
·         £3500 Featherstone SSP—teacher training and resources, competition programme, mentoring for teachers
·         New PE scheme £700 approx to support teachers in delivering high quality PE lessons
·         Training for the new scheme
·         Supply cover for teachers  CPD
·         £150 Outdoor Adventure Activities  training and resources
To ensure children receive an active programme of activities at every opportunity e.g. during lunch times, after school
·         J and C- 3 after school clubs and 3 lunchtime sessions  to increase physical activity and support PE organising crew to deliver lunch time competitions
·         Update resources eg  Boccia and Kurling resources to provide activities for a wider range of pupils
·         Transport to competitions

2013 - 2014

The Government gave our school £9465 to improve the provision of PE.

We plan to use the money in the following way:

£3000 to be part of the Featherstone School Sports Partnership
·         Regular competitions for years 5/6
·         Youth Sport Trust training for the PE coordinator
·         FUNS (fundamentals skills) training and lesson resources for EYFS and KS1
·         mentoring for 2 teachers in delivering the FUNS programme

£2376 to J and C PE Academy
·         2 after school clubs  a week per term enabling more children to take part in sport
·         2 lunch time sessions per term which supported the pupil Organising Crew in delivering lunchtime competitions

£930 to 1st Class PE Coaching
·         1 after school club a week for 1 term
·         1 lunch time session a week for 1 term training and supporting year 5 pupils in providing a Change 4 Life club for years 3/4

The rest of the money will be used for supply cover to allow teachers to attend courses and observe good practice in school, transport to competitions and age appropriate resources including a new scheme of work.