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Sports Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.


PE and Sports Premium 2016-2017


PE funding used for: Footy fun 4 kids – Sports lessons taught by external PE teacher three days a week.

Cost: £5,300.00

Intended Outcome:  Pupils to receive outstanding PE teaching lessons.   Furthermore class teachers to observe external PE teacher as part of their professional development to improve their own PE teaching and ensure that good practice in PE teaching is embedded throughout the school.

Impact: Children to make good progress in PE and the quality of PE teaching to improve.


PE funding used for: Footy fun 4 kids – After school clubs

Cost:  £480.00

Intended Outcome:  Children will have the opportunity to develop their skills in a wide range of activities. 

Impact: An increase in the number of children undertaking physical activity outside of curriculum time.  While in previous years after school rugby and football clubs have led to teams being more competitive at borough competitions.


PE funding used for: Purchasing and maintaining range of PE and sports equipment.

Cost:  Approx. £1000

Intended Outcome: To provide children with a greater range of PE equipment to develop their skills across the PE curriculum.

Impact: Purchasing the equipment will enable children to benefit from using the equipment to improve their skills.  It has also allowed a broad PE curriculum to be taught.  Also undertaking essential repairs on existing equipment to ensure that children have access to a range of apparatus and can use it safely.


PE funding used for: Featherstone School Sports Partnership

Cost: £3800

Intended Outcome 1: CPD for subject leader on delivery of new scheme of work (FUNS) and Youth Sport Trust CPD for new strategies on improving PE provision in the school.

Impact: Subject leader supported NQTs and new staff through providing feedback from courses at staff meeting; team teaching with new staff and meeting with staff to discuss PE planning. 

Intended Outcome 2: Mentor from Featherstone SSP to offer 1:1 support for new teachers.

Impact: Effective delivery of the PE curriculum and children making good progress.

Intended Outcome 3: To attend borough competitions organised by Featherstone SSP so that children are able to develop their skills and a positive attitude towards sport.

Impact: The children that have attended in the past were inspired to take part in other sporting activities and several children that attended the competitions have gone on to begin taking part in sports outside of school.

Intended Outcome 4: Mentor to Featherstone SSP to run lunchtime clubs to prepare children for upcoming borough competitions.   The intention was for children to develop their skills and teamwork so that they were able to be competitive.

Impact: Those attending the tournament will have a positive experience which will motivate them to be more active.  Also children have made significance progress at previous tournaments through applying what they had learnt in PE lessons and after school clubs to a competitive environment.

Intended Outcome 5: Featherstone SSP mentor to train year 5 pupils to run the Change 4 Life to help targeted children with their confidence in physical activities.

Impact: The confidence and progress in PE of those children will increase while they will also hopefully be inspired to take part in other sporting activities and be more engaged in their PE lessons.