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School Council

Our School Council has 22 members, two children from each key stage 1 and key stage  2 class. The children are elected to the School Council by their peers. They take whole school issues and ideas from their own class and feed them into the School Council. They also share ideas and decisions from School Council with their class. Decisions made within School Council can, and do, have a real impact on the rest of the school.


Do you know who your school councillor is?


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School Council Projects

School Council Spring 2022 Project

February 2022 - Tudor’s school councilors have been working very hard on their sustainability project. Since 2020 the school council have learnt a lot about how to keep the environment safe and do their part in helping reduce their carbon footprint. After tie-dying their t-shirts with natural ingredients, the children have now been working on how we as a school can do our part by reducing traffic and cars to school, working alongside the JTA’s.


The Children wanted to make a statement and we had the chance to create a mural and our own logo to show how we care about the environment. The children also wanted to show how Tudor cares for their environment so the councillors had an opportunity to create their own logo to represent how recycling is important and this incorporated in our new colourful mural on the school grounds to reflect that the environment around us.   

School Council Sustainability Project Part 2 17th June 2021; School Council children from years 1-6 started their new project on sustainability. Ms Besely and Miss Shah showed the children how we can reuse, repurpose and recycle clothing, the theme this week is being able to recycle fashion.


Children took part in a tie-dye activity, children brought in their old t-shirts and we repurposed these by tie-dying with natural products which are safe for the environment.  For our dye we used vegetables such as beetroot, red cabbage and turmeric powder.  Children learnt that tie-dying using natural products are environmentally friendly and this way we can also reuse our old vegetables instead of throwing it away.


Vegetables were boiled using hot water and salt. We let the water sit for an hour to cool down and children then dyed their t-shirts. Presentation on the 7 R’s (Recycle, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Re-sale. Recover.) was also presented to the children about how sustainability can be part of our everyday lives and children took part in a Q&A task.  The school councilors enjoyed the second part of our sustainability project, and they were very pleased with their new repurposed t-shirts.

School Council Sustainability Project Part 2 17th June 2021; 7 R's Presentation!

School Council Sustainability Project 2021 Part 1 10th June 2021 -

School Council Sustainability Project 2021 Part 1 10th June 2021 -


The School councilors have been very busy learning about sustainability. Our first lesson consisted of the pupils hearing and learning about the key sustainability terms. Teach pupils to take ownership of their carbon footprint. Alongside teaching these Reduce, Reuse, Recycle lessons, pupils each week came up with their own ideas on what they wanted to teach and learn from the other school council children. Priyanka and Dhanveer worked extremely hard in creating a great PowerPoint presentation on how we as a school can reduce our carbon footprint and what is sustainability. Priyanka and Dhanveer show cased their presentation to each class in KS2, about how they have been growing their own plants and what they have been learning about sustainability!

Meet our School Council Members for 2019-20.