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School Lunches

School meals are cooked on the premises by ISS Catering. The children are supervised by our 5 SMSA while they eat. Our pupils really enjoy 'home-cooked hot food' at lunchtime however they can still bring a packed lunch.         



Ever wonder what your child has had for dinner? Can they not remember? Check out the menu below to find out for yourself. Each day the children have a choice of 3 options which operate on the following 3 week cycle. They are encouraged to try new things but leave something if they dislike it. Bread, fresh fruit and water are available every day. The menu is sometimes subject to change depending on deliveries. We also offer a daily vegetarian choice and through consultation can cater for pupils who require specific diets e.g. those with nut allergies. 

You must pay for school meals online using either a debit or credit card. Payments can be made at any time to suit you, we recommend paying online for the week ahead in advance and booking you meal online in advance so your child is set for the week!

If you wish your child to have school meals you will need to know the following:

·         To start school meals please pay online, details below.  This is now a cashless system.

.         School meals are £2.35 per day
·         School meals are £11.75 per week.
·         Please ensure all payments for meals are paid in advance
·         Credits will be carried forward to the following week.
·         You will not need to inform us when a meal is not taken through sickness or other absences as we will know via the school, you will then need to log on to your online account to cancel the meal so you do not get charged! 
·         If your child is entitled to free meals please ensure you have applied at the council for free meal entitlement before  taking the meals
·         It will be assumed for paying pupils that all meals that have been paid for will be taken.
·         If you have any queries about your child’s account please phone through to Harrison’s office, the school will not have any information about the account.
Payment Methods

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact ISS Catering on or calling them on 01924 792 334 or 0203 903 0412