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The governing body meets regularly and works with the head teacher and the staff to decide the school's aims, policies and to oversee the efficient running of the school.


Along with all staff, the Governors are committed to building a positive future at Tudor where provision is outstanding. The school has a continuous focus on School Improvement of which all parents/carers are invited to contribute towards.


The current Governing Body are working with all staff, children and parents/carers and have a clear vision for Tudor. The Governors and Staff would welcome the opportunity to meet and work with all Parents/Carers more as their view and ideas are just as valid as ours and the partnership is needed to ensure we are the best.


We are really keen to hear from our parents/carers and if you would like to discuss anything with us, please don’t hesitate to email. 




Type /Affiliation

Start date

End date


Ms Baljit AhluwaliaCo-Opted15-Sep-202114-Sep-2025

Pay Committee


Teaching Learning & Achievement Committee

Mr Manjit Singh SahotaParent / Chair03-Oct-201902-Oct-2023

Pay Committee


Personnel/Finance & Health and Safety Committee



Ms Rachel GibbonsCitizenship4-Apr-20193-Apr-2023

Teaching Learning & Achievement Committee


Children, Families, Community & Safeguarding


Mr Suresh RaoCo-op/ Vice Chair 4-Apr-20193-Apr-2023

Personnel/ Finance & Health and Safety Committee


Children, Families, Communities and Safeguarding Committee



Teaching Learning & Achievement

Mrs Jodie DaineParent/Vice Chair20-Nov-201819-Nov-2022

Teaching Learning & Achievement


Pay Committee


Children, Families, Communities and Safeguarding Committee

Mr Barinder ThiaraCo-Opted20-Nov-201819-Nov-2022Personnel/Finance & Health and safety
Mrs Pratisha DarjiStaff04-Nov-201803-Nov-2022

Teaching Learning & Achievement


Children, Families, Communities and Safeguarding Committee


Ms Denise Maloney 




Full GB 

Ms Jas Kalra




Personnel/Finance & Health and safety


Teaching Learning & Achievement Committee


Pay Committee


Children, Families, Communities and Safeguarding Committee

Register of Interests 

Full Name

Category of Governor

Declarations of Members’ Interests: Business, Educational and Personal (2019-2020)

Jas Kalra


Employed by Tudor Primary School

Member of NAHT

Partner a surveyor with Slough Council

Manjit Sahota


American Airlines

Karate Kids Academy

Brother manages a teaching agency (TERS Education) (the school does not use this agency)

Barinder Thiara



Jodie Daine



Pratisha Darji


Employed at Tudor Primary School

Suresh RaoCo-OptedNA
Rachel GibbonsCitizenshipDepartment of Education (Central Government)
Baljit AhluwaliaCo-optedSole trader as a freelance primary consultant


Each governor has declared their interests as given above in writing to the governing body.

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