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Sports Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

PE and Sports Premium 2020-2021


Funding allocation - £19540

PE funding used for: Featherstone School Sports Partnership

Cost: £6,300

Intended Outcome 1: 3 PE Co-ordinator training sessions.


  • Three PE Co-ordinator sessions with content delivered by national partners to access topical and relevant CPD.
  • Links with nationally recognised partners and leading sector experts to ensure schools is up to date on national priorities.


Intended Outcome 2: To attend borough competitions organised by Featherstone SSP so that children are able to develop their skills and a positive attitude towards sport.

Impact: The children that have attended in the past were inspired to take part in other sporting activities and several children that attended the competitions have gone on to begin taking part in sports outside of school.


Intended Outcome 3: Join a hubsite of local schools that will involve the head of the hubsite coming in to year 5 pupils to run the Change 4 Life club and activities in the playground at lunch time to help targeted children with their confidence in physical activities in addition to providing an opportunity for less active pupils to live a healthier lifestyle.   In addition, the hubsite will organise extra competitions such as b and c football competitions to provide opportunities for less able pupils to experience competitive sports.  Furthermore, they will organise competitions such as Boccia and Kurling for SEND pupils so that all pupils get to experience positive sporting experiences. 

Impact: The confidence and progress in PE of those children will increase while they will also hopefully be inspired to take part in other sporting activities and be more engaged in their PE lessons.  Furthermore, it helps children learn about the principles of a healthy lifestyle, for example managing their weight.


Intended Outcome 4:   London Broncos Community delivery to support in school to deliver numeracy and literacy programmes for upper KS2.  In addition, they will run an after school tag rugby club for key stage 2 pupils. 


  • Providing children with sporting role models.
  • Programme targeting underrepresented groups of young people.
  • Using the values of Rugby League to develop the whole child.
  • Using sport and physical activity to build young people’s physical and emotional wellbeing.
  • Individual impact report for each school.


Intended Outcome 5: Featherstone SSP to run Basketball after school club in Spring terms

Impact: Increase extracurricular participation


Intended Outcome 6:  Youth Sports Trust membership

Impact: Subject lead support, teacher support.


Intended Outcome 7: Primary Sports leadership programme to train Year 5 and 6 children to run lunchtime and after school clubs. Also assist Featherstone SSP deliver their girls cricket competition.

Impact: Improve self-confidence on the leaders, give them opportunities to develop leadership qualities an improve behaviour through responsibility.



PE funding used for: Primary Stars Programme delivered by QPR

Cost: £3,040

Intended Outcome 1: Running after school and lunch time girls football clubs for key stage 2.


  • Increase children’s enjoyment, participation and skills.
  • Increase children’s understanding of the personal skills and values they need to achieve their goals.
  • Support young people to follow further participation in sport.

Intended Outcome 2: Maths and literacy group sessions

Impact: Improved engagement in core subjects from year 5 and 6 children especially boys.



PE funding used for:  Spence of Excellence

Cost: £5,760

Intended Outcome: Through weekly sessions where the children work in small groups (taught by a skilled practitioner), improve the basic PE skills of children in Early Years.

Impact: Provide children in the Early Years with basic skills such as balance, co-ordination, agility that allow them to excel in PE as they progress through their education.



PE funding used for:  Transport

Cost: £500

Intended Outcome: Ensure children are able to make it safely to all sports competitions.

Impact:  Making sure children get to events safely and can experience the whole event instead of leaving early to get public transport.



PE funding used for: Purchasing and maintaining range of PE and sports equipment.

Cost:   £2640

Intended Outcome: To provide children with a greater range of PE equipment to develop their skills across the PE curriculum. 

Impact: Purchasing the equipment will enable children to benefit from using the equipment to improve their skills.  It has also allowed a broad PE curriculum to be taught.  Also undertaking essential repairs on existing equipment to ensure that children have access to a range of apparatus and can use it safely.



PE funding used for: Level 5 PE qualification to up level Junior Dowden (TA)’s PE teaching.

Cost: £1300

Intended outcome: Improved subject knowledge to enable him to consistently deliver high quality PE lessons.

Impact: Improved quality of PE lessons and able to support other teachers with the delivery of their PE lessons.


Sustainability: Teachers to observe external practitioners (QPR, London Broncos, Featherstone SSP) and then apply these strategies to into their own planning for future years.

Due to an increase in sports clubs provided children have a positive attitude towards having a healthy lifestyle and taking part in sports.  This will continue for the foreseeable future.

Part of the funding has been spent on the children in early years to instil in them a love of sport and provide them with the fundamental movement skills they will need to excel in PE later in their education.

Assessing Impact:  Impact of the spending is assessed through:

  • Number of children in extracurricular sports club
  • Improved performance at external sports competitions
  • Improved quality of PE lessons being delivered
  • Increased number of children in school games organiser roles
  • Improved data from Year 6 and reception height and weight measuring