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Year 6 Talk on Mobile Phones and Keeping Safe

The school received a couple of different talks to our Year 5 & 6 pupils from our local police. Informing the our children of how to be safe when using mobile phones especially when they transition to high school. Providing information to our children about drugs and gangs, if they come across any issues to contact the police straightaway.

Here is some of the work produced by our children after the talks

How to keep safe of our items:



Nobody likes stealing, Who would?? The robbers. Robbers have many different ways to steal our equipment eg. Phone watch or a type of electronic device.


If your listening to music, beware if your surroundings, Robbers could snatch your headphone or air pods at any second so DO NOT  get distracted in the beat of music.


Although buses might have much more people, robberies tend do stealing at the top of the bus. As the bottom of the bus has more adults to talk to, they will immediately know that they should stop. It is better staying in the lower deck of the bus.


Please do not walk on the road with your phone. You will get completely offmind in what you’re doing and you phone will be gone at any time. PLease keep your phone in your pocket and only use it for any emergency calls


Once school ends, plan to walk straight back home. If needed, have a friend to come with you and they will stay by your side and you will have nothing to worry about.


REMEMBER, never have unsafe pictures or videos saved on your phone. It must be allowed before it being saved on your phone. Never carry on with taking videos of violent actions eg. Fighting or punching or someone getting beaten because who knows how many people will see that video and laugh at him/her.