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Ealing School Streets was successfully implemented on Monday 06th March 2023.  


This has had a positive impact on the traffic on Tudor Road at drop off and pick up times.  The school Streets project allows low traffic, allowing only residents to enter during the restricted times.   

Making this a much safer and pleasant environment for both cyclists and pedestrians. 

School Streets has encouraged the number of students cycling and scooting to school.  This scheme will reduce pollution, congestion and reduce use of the car around the school, improving the health & physical activity of the community.


The project started in September 2022 and with the help and organisation from Ealing School Travel team various workshops with Years 4, 5 & 6 were carried out; from the initial walking workshop with the parents where we counted the number of cars coming down Tudor Road during the day and the possible hazards, concerns, traffic etc; to active travel workshops, lessons discussing Air quality and to finish off bikability training for Year 4 & 6.  The pupils enjoyed the lessons and workshops, they all were involved.


The JTA’s played a huge part in ensuring the scheme was successful. The JTA’s spoke to the classes and informed them of the ‘school streets’ they were also part of the assemblies that were held informing both the school and parents of the school streets, why the school was going ahead, the impact the scheme would have.  They produced eye catching and informative posters that were displayed around the school; inside and outside on the digital board for parents to view at drop off and pick up times.