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Tudor Primary School home page

Tudor Primary School


Head Teacher – Ms J Kalra (Deputy Safeguarding Lead)

Senior Leadership Team and Safeguarding

Deputy Head Teacher Mrs S Magan - (Literacy, Assessment Lead and Year 2 Phase Lead. Deputy Safeguarding Lead)

Assistant Head Teacher Mrs A Benning  (EYFS + Year 1 Lead and Phonics)

Ms S Hafeez (Designated Safeguarding Leader, SENCO + EAL Lead)

Mr M Coakley (Phase Leader for Years 5 & 6/ PE/ Healthy Schools & Deputy Safeguarding Lead)





Mrs N Paindazadah 

Mrs I Das

Reception Lime

Ms A Benning

Ms A Strange (RE Lead)

Reception Team 

Mrs R Chaggar

Mrs S Mistry

Mr N Moraga

Ms H Randhawa 

Reception Violet

Mrs S Saini  (Art & DT )

Year 1 Crimson

Mrs S Rattan (Humanities)

Year 1 Team 

Mrs B Koovapalille 

Miss A Nagpal

Mrs K Panesar

Year 1 Silver

Miss A Naeem (Maths)

Year 2 Amber

Mrs H Marta (ECT) (Humanities)

Year 2 Team 

Mrs P Chopra

Miss A Nagpal


Year 2 Lilac

Mrs S Shaikh


Year 3 Gold Class

Mrs H Aggarwal

Year 3 Team

Miss N Hassan

Mrs B Soraya 

Year 3 Purple Class

Ms R Bhica (Art & DT)

 Ms N Bnait (RE)

Year 4 Orange

Mr J Giordmaina (Music)

Year 4 Team

Mrs M Johnson

Year 4 Red

Ms S Jouda

Year 5 Turquoise

Ms N Gohil (Supply)

Year 5 Team

Mrs A Ali

Year 5 Bronze

Miss E Khalique (Science)

Mrs T Akhtar (Science Lead)

Year 6 Copper

Mr M Coakley

Year 6 Team

Miss E Parker

Miss P Nagah

Ms P Carpenter

Year 6 Yellow

Miss J Paul (Maths)


Ms Ragini Patel

Mrs K Panesar


PE – Mr J Dowden

French - Ms M Bailey

PPA - Mrs A Strange

PPA – Mrs M Jalali

Clerk to Governors

Ms D Maloney

Office Staff

Mrs J Brar (Finance)

Mrs G Kaur (Finance)

Mrs K Hillier (Attendance, Safeguarding & Mental Health)

Ms K Besely (Website manager & Apprentice and Recruitment & School Council Leader)

Mrs P Darji (Website manager & Admissions and Computing & STARs Lead)

Mr A Watts (IT)

Mrs M Rauli (Welfare)

Mrs L Lewis (Library)

Site Manager

Mr K Hillier


Mrs P Carpenter (Lunch time manager)

Mrs B Soraya

Mrs H Randhawa

Mrs D Sidhu

Ms S Mistry

Mrs K Jangda

Ms V Bown


Mrs B Kandola

Ms P Bhardwa

Miss G Iordache

Mrs R Bir

Mrs M Chudsama (As and When)

Mrs H Virdi (As and When)