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Launching Monday 06th March 2023

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have some very exciting news! Following the consultation that took place towards the end of 2022, your school will have a School Street, starting 6th March 2023. This will help to make the streets a safer and more welcoming environment for all who use it whilst maintaining access for residents, pedestrians, cyclists and blue badge holders requiring access to the school.

A School Street is a short closure of the streets around the school at the start and end of the school day. This will be during term time according to the dates published on the Ealing Council website:

Academic year 2022/23 | Term and holiday dates | Ealing Council


The benefits of such a scheme are:

  • Significantly less traffic outside the school making it safer for families travelling to and from school, and older, independent children travelling alone
  • Easier and safer to cross the roads
  • Walking and cycling will become more appealing
  • Improved air quality outside the school
  • Quieter and calmer streets


Who will have access to drive into the street?

  • Only School Street permit holders will have access to the closed road during the timed closure:
  • Residents living within the scheme
  • Blue badge holders requiring access to the school
  • No parents or carers will be allowed to drive down the road unless they have a permit because they are residents, blue badge holders, or need access for a disabled child.
  • More information on who can apply can be found at Who can access the School Street | Ealing School Streets | Ealing Council


What will the School Street look like?

  • At the entry points, there will be signs saying the road is a Pedestrian and Cycle Zone, stating the timings of the closure
  • There will be Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras
  • Fines will be issued to those that do not have a permit
  • Streets will become access only, with no traffic except approved permit holders
  • There will be less traffic, making it quieter, safer and more welcoming for all who use it.



The streets will be LOW traffic not NO traffic, so road safety is very important for adults and children. Everyone must be alert at all times, don’t walk in the road, always use the pavement, look out for cars and cyclists and cross the roads safely.

Look out for information on the activities and events we are organising for the launch of your School Street

Lots of information is available about School Streets on the Ealing Council website at
Ealing School Streets | Ealing School Streets | Ealing Council.

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