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Perivale Athletics Track


On Tuesday 26th June, we went to the Athletics tournament which was held by the Featherstone SSP. When we had arrived at the venue in our minibus, we found a place to sit down and observed the other school that had come. Then,it was time for the events.It was pretty hard since there were many schools but we managed to get 9th place in the tournament, much better than the last time as we got 11th place. One thing I think we need to focus on was not worrying about others and only focusing on yourself. I also think if we all didn't waste all of our energy at the beginning of the race we might have gotten a better time. When it was for the relay race, we started of badly since Keshikan had dropped the baton but lucky Sartaj was able to catch up and I had a good start to getting to the finish line when suddenly another girl zoomed past me leaving Tudor Primary to be 2nd place with 1 minute and 17 seconds.


By Loveleen