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I didn’t expect for us to be this good but we knew deep down that we played the hardest we could’ve done. At the tournament, the Year 6s were separated into two teams: Tudor A & B. In Tudor A there was me (Varthshayan), Abinesh, Ryan, Safwan, Srinith, Haransh and Tahseen and in Tudor B there was Ayaan, Keshikan, Subiksan, Arjun, Farez, Saimoom and Ganesh. Our first matches were Tudor A vs  Featherstone A and Tudor B vs Khalsa A: our teams lost to them. Then we both played together. Unfortunately for both teams, it was a draw. Finally, it was Tudor A vs Khalsa A and Tudor B vs Featherstone A but unfortunately, we lost to them again. So we were both placed in the Vase Competition but we both lost in the Round of 16. Fortunately, we got medals for participating in the tournament.


Playing against other schools has been an opportunity to show off my football abilities to other teams. For example, when I was playing against Tudor B, I hit a goal against Farez with a smooth pass by Safwan. To be honest, I have only scored goals in school sometimes but this was the first time I scored a goal in Year 6 because I usually play as a defender. I really enjoyed the tournament and it was a great experience to see children I might meet on Transition Day.