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Girls Football Goals Hayes

Girls Football

Goals Hayes


My name is Moriom. On Thursday 29th June,the girls from year 6 took part in a football tournament. Mr Coakley told us to be competitive and aggressive. We waved goodbye to our classmates as they wished us the best of luck and off we went.


Unfortunately, we lost our first match, but I know that my teammates tried their best. We lost by 1 goal. We all felt a little pressure but this just gave us more motivation to do well. I was determined as the goalkeeper to save more goals.


During one of the hardest matches, Umazia, our midfielder scored an astounding goal. Sadly, we lost but we knew we did amazing and we were proud of ourselves. After lunch, we discovered brilliant news about going to the semi-finals and skipping the quarter-finals.


It was our time to play now, we were all nervous but we could do this. I was the defender. Everything started off well and we blocked the ball coming near the goal. Then they scored, we were all sure that we could not get a goal until I scored!! That was time! 


It was time for penalties. The other school started. And a brilliant save was made by Zainab. Umazia missed. Now it was up to Rhea to score. Yes she did! It was my turn. Could I do it? I missed it. We lost. 


We all arrived at school with sad and depressed faces.


At the end we realised that we did our best and were proud of ourselves and we valued every single moment as the best memory ever. We knew we did our best and we learnt  a lot from this experience. After all penalties were about luck.