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Pupils at Tudor Primary School Southall awarded a prestigious Eco-Schools’ Green Flag.

This academic year, school council pupils at Tudor Primary School received international accreditation for their exceptional work in promoting sustainability and raising environmental awareness amongst their peers.


The Eco-Schools programme, established in 1994, is now implemented in over 70 countries worldwide. In 2023-24, more than 1.4 million pupils attended an Eco-School in England.


Pupils at Tudor Primary used Eco-Schools’ tried-and-trusted seven-step framework to create positive change. Initially, a pupil-led Eco-Committee was established. This committee took responsibility for spearheading their school’s environmental initiatives, with support from Miss Besely. They first conducted a thorough review of their school environment and curriculum, before developing a year-long plan of action.


Their Action Plan focussed on 3 key issues: Reduce, Repurpose & Refuse and activities included Energy Audit, Recycling & Reducing Carbon Footprint. These activities were thoughtfully selected to increase environmental awareness, bolster their school’s sustainability, and make meaningful contributions to global conservation efforts.


Speaking about their achievements, staff member Miss Besely said, “The Pupil’s dedication and effort have truly made a difference in our school community. Keep up the excellent work. All children were praised for being so articulate, confident, and clear on succeeding in the Sustainability Superstars project”


And pupil Rayaan ‘I love being part of the school council, it allows me to bring in new ideas about helping our plant and raising awareness and we have so much fun with Miss Besely.’


Eco-Schools England Manager, Adam Flint, said: ‘The Eco-Schools’ Green Flag is an international benchmark that demonstrates a commitment to fighting climate change and a high standard of sustainable practice. Students and staff who earn this award deserve recognition for their dedication toward protecting our planet. Every day, they demonstrate that each of us can contribute to making our planet a better, more sustainable, place.’


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