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Year 6 Girls Cricket Friday 24th May

Year 6 Girls Cricket

Friday 24th May

@ Osterley Cricket Club


On the day of the cricket tournament for year 6, Mr Coakley gave the girls their kit and they got changed. The girls who went to the tournament were: Me (Wafa), Jasmeet , Thipaksy, Zehra, Masiyat, Marufa, Haya, Ashmeet, Prabhjot and Hifza.


When we arrived, we quickly practiced a bit and then sat in rows with our teammates. The coach then explained who was playing against who. For the first match, we (Tudor Primary School) were against Hambrough Primary School. Unfortunately, they had won the match, about 5 runs ahead of us. The next school we played against was Cliffton Primary School. Luckily, we won by about 10 runs ahead after we fixed some of our mistakes from the first match


After that match, we had free time to practice for the match we had after lunch. Then it was lunchtime and we all sat Together, eating. After we ate, we went to sit back in our rows so we could find out who we were opposing next. When the coach read out the names, he said that Tudor and Havelock Primary were playing each other in the quarter finals. Unfortunately, we lost against them by a few runs and that was our last match. However, we had a really fun time- especially after we lost and we had the opportunity to have two or three friendly matches with Featherstone Primary School.


Overall, it was a really fun time and a great opportunity.


By Wafa